>> >> VirtualBox 4.3.16 Build 95972 + Extension Pack + Portable

VirtualBox 4.3.16 Build 95972 + Extension Pack + Portable

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VirtualBox 4.2.24 Build 92790 Final

VirtualBox 4.3.14 Build 95030 Final + Extension Pack + Portable | 124/105 MB

VirtualBox - A program to run on the same computer multiple virtual operating systems. This is a convenient and functional tools for virtualization, calculated as the corporate and home users. The program supports many different guest operating systems family Windows (NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8), as well as DOS and Linux. As in other similar applications, there exists the possibility to start and stop the guest OS, configure the use of computer resources, data exchange between host and guest operating system, taking screenshots of virtual systems and much more.

Virtual machine descriptions in XML
Guest Additions for Windows and Linux
Shared folders
Virtual USB Controllers
Remote Desktop Protocol
USB over RDP

Whats New :
This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added:
VMM: fixed restoring 32-bit FPU state on 64-bit capable VMs and restoring guest FPU in raw-mode VMs (bug #12646; 4.3 regression)
GUI: properly restore normal/scale mode guest-screen size after exiting full-screen/seamless mode
GUI: mini-toolbar should provoke less artifacts/conflicts with 3D guest rendering
GUI: Mac OS X: Native full-screen multi-screen transition was able to blackout host-screens for nearly minute
GUI: X11: Modern window managers should now use native full-screen multi-screen mapping API
GUI: added extradata item for configuring the mouse capture behavior, see the manual for more information (bug #3506)
Storage: fixed a VBoxSVC crash when querying an iSCSI target with authentication configured (4.3.14 regression)
Storage: fixed a rare data corruption during reads if another allocating write is running concurrently and accesses the same range
Storage: fixed a rare crash for certain VHD images from other products
Storage: fixed a rare release assertion when using the AHCI controller
Floppy: fixed read errors and guest memory corruption when running under control of QEMM
3D: added experimental support for rendering on offline GPUs for Mac OS X host
3D: fixed white window appearing on entering FullScreen mode on OSX host
3D: fixed video recording support for 3D data regression (bug #13073)
3D: fixes for MS Office 2013 support
3D: several fixes
Bridged Networking: improved IPv6 support when bridging to a wireless interface
NAT: prevent internal DNS service from stuck in host-resolver mode when host was switched from one network to another one while host was sleeping (Mac OS X hosts)
NAT: preserve DF (if possible) and TOS when proxying outbound UDP datagrams (bugs #9440, #12309)
NAT: dont let multicast datagrams out (bug #7338)
NAT: fixed handling of large incoming UDP datagrams on Windows hosts (bug #12136)
NAT: fixed handling of the RFC 1533 DHCP PAD option
NAT Network: fixed inbound half-close on Windows hosts
NAT Network: preserve IPv4 DF (if possible), TTL, TOS and IPv6 Hop Limit when proxying outbound UDP datagrams
VRDP: fixed a rare crash when using remote audio input
USB: fixed several regressions from 4.3.14 (bug #13320)
Audio: made the HDA sound emulation work with certain OSX guests (e.g. Mountain Lion)
Windows hosts: fixed startup problems on certain Windows hosts due to conflicts with anti-virus software (4.3.14 regression, bug #13187)
Windows hosts: fixed 4.3.14 regression whereby AltGr stopped working for some people (bug #13216)
X11 hosts: made the extra key on Brazilian Thinkpads work (bug #8745)
X11 hosts: fixed a problem of input focus cycles and immediately released key presses in full screen mode (bug #13238)
Linux hosts: fixed flooding the kernel log with USB related messages when passing through certain USB devices to a VM (bug #13085)
Linux guests: stop applications crashing when drm_wait_vblank is called (bug #13265)
Linux guests: fix a crash in gnome-session (bug #13335)
X11 guests: do not start VBoxClient over an SSH connection (bug #13107)
X11 guests: added support for X.Org Server 1.16 (bug #13207)
X11 guests: fixed a wrong parameter in the video driver which caused problems with full-screen X11 clients (bug #2748)
VirtualKD: introduced stub/loader device for speeding up Windows kernel debugging


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