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3DCreative Issue 96 - August 2013
PDF | Pages 105 | 125 MB

To celebrate our new look, we’ve invited the talented London-based character artist Andrew Hickinbottom to show us around his colourful portfolio in our feature interview. He also teaches us a few of his pro modelling tips and tricks in the tutorial section, so be sure to check that out! Andrew will be back next issue to show us how to tackle clothing in 3ds Max for stylised characters, too.
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Airliner World Magazine September 2013
English | 124 Pages | True PDF | 67MB

Launched in 1999, Airliner World is the largest selling civil aviation magazine in the world and is a must read for anyone interested in or associated with the commercial aviation scene. Airliner World's extensive coverage of the world's airlines, airports and aircraft is unrivalled and includes up-to-date airline, airport and aircraft, histories as well as manufacturer information. Airliner World often features articles on other aspects of the airline industry such as Air Traffic Control and Environment and Flight Safety.
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